Women’s Equality Day 2020 Honoree: Ms. Rozina Mohammad


Rozina Mohammad is the founder of the Casa Dei Bambini Montessori Schools in Riverstone in Missouri City and in Telfair in Sugarland. She is head of school at both. In 2016, Rozina expanded Casa Dei Bambini Montessori to the Naperville/Aurora area of Chicago.  Her newest venture, Petite Maison Montessori, will be opening in Aliana in 2020.  Because of Rozina’s belief in, and dedication to, children, the Schools’ approach is to develop the whole child utilizing the authentic principles set out by Dr. Maria Montessori over one hundred years ago.

Rozina has had the good fortune of having had a number of mentors in her life who have encouraged her and who have helped her realize her dreams.  She cites her amazing parents as the first people to believe in her and to inspire her.  Other family members and members of the Montessori community have also been paramount in helping her achieve so much.

Abundantly qualified for her work in education, Rozina has both her Early Childhood Education degree and her Child Development Associate degree.  In 2001, she was awarded her certification with the American Montessori Society, and in 2008 she established her Director Credentials with the Child Care Council of Greater Houston.  With her education behind her, and a future she wanted to dedicate to the education and development of children, who she sees as our brightest hope for the future, Rozina began planning her first school for young children.  The Casa Dei Bambini in Riverstone in Missouri City was established in 2009. She expanded to Telfair in Sugarland in 2014 and then to Chicago in 2016.  The Petite Maison Montessori, which will open in Aliana in 2020, will continue in the tradition of excellence of Rozina’s other institutions.

The mission of all her schools is “to prepare the child to reach their greatest potential in physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of lifelong learning experiences”.  Emphasis is on respect for others, the environment, and ourselves. Within this vibrant structure, children are introduced to discovery and possibility by teachers dedicated to providing children with the best education possible.  The uniqueness and creativity of each child is respected and nurtured, and the foundation is laid for each child’s bright future.

Rozina is the proud mother of a son and a daughter, who both grew up in the Montessori school system. Her son has a bachelor’s degree in political science and finance from Texas A&M University. Her daughter has a bachelor’s degree in science with a major in health science studies pre-med from Baylor University and is pursuing a career in medicine.  It is Rozina’s belief that learning by way of the Montessori method kept her children focused and grounded and allowed them to excel in their chosen fields.

Rozina is known by the parents, children and teachers she has inspired throughout her career as a strong woman who is passionate about early learning education for young children.  It is clear to them that her main desire is to ensure each child in her schools has a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.  In everything she does, she strives for excellence and adventures on her journey to help children on theirs.

Now a mentor herself, Rozina is a community leader and a respected teacher and administrator.  She is also a kind and giving person.  A pioneer in education, Rozina upholds rigorous standards in her schools, and is a symbol, herself, of excellence.

It is for all the reasons mentioned above, and many more, that Rozina Mohammad has been named a Top 20 Inspiring Woman Impact Maker for 2020.

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