Primary Lead Teachers


Ms. Shaira Lallani

Meet Shaira Lallani, certified Montessori Primary teacher for over 35 yrs.( age 3 to 6 yrs ).
I have a Bachelors of Arts in both Education and Psychology.

I ‘ ve also taught at St. Catherines’s as a lead Teacher in Houston, Texas prior to joining Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School at Riverstone campus.

My goal as a Montessori educator is to provide each child with an opportunity to grow into adults who are independent, responsible and compassionate innovators.

Montessori classrooms are designed to offer lessons, activities and tools that match the developmental needs and interests of each individual child.

The objective is approached in two ways :

First by allowing each child to experience the excitement of learning by his own choice rather than by being forced.

Secondly, by helping him to perfect all his natural tools for learning, so that his ability will be at maximum in any future learning situation.

From a very young age my dream was to be a teacher.

I never stop learning, growing, and trying new strategies. My teaching passion and commitment has grown with every year, and I hope to pursue my career in teaching at Petite Maison Montessori School.

Ms. Gladis Martin

Subjects Taught:  ESL, Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Geography, Science, Sensorial, Practical Life, child Development.

Positions: Primary Lead Teacher

Supportive, passionate, loving, nurturing, inspiring and delightful, are just a few adjectives used when parents describe Ms. Gladis. Gladis was born in Guatemala. She knew she wanted to teach since she was a young girl. Gladis says, “my teaching philosophy is: love what you do. There is so much to love about the rewards one gets when you touch the life of a child.” Seasoned, compassionate and experienced three to six-year-old AMS Montessori educator with over twenty-five years leading and changing children’s lives through innovative and proven Montessori curriculum teaching. She loves hiking, mountains, yoga and biking. Both of her children attended Montessori school until middle school.

Ms. Ana Ismail

My name is Ms. Ana Ismail. I am a Certified Montessori teacher. I have been teaching for 8 years in ages 3 to 6 years. I just moved from Plano, Texas where I was teaching at a Montessori School.  I am so excited to be here in Houston, Texas and to be joining Petite Maison Montessori School.

 love children and I love teaching. I enjoy teaching and leading children from a very young age. I feel every child is different and Montessori has a place for every child because the Montessori classroom is designed to offer lessons, activities, and tools to engage each unique individual. My favorite thing about teaching is helping children become independent learners and guiding children to be peaceful leaders in their communities. I love helping children to solve conflicts peacefully, care for themselves and the environment and become responsible global citizens.  Nurturing, inspiring, loving, supportive and passionate are a few words to describe myself. 

I love reading, traveling, and spending time with my little ones.  All three of my children have attended Montessori Schools.

Ms. Priya

I am Priya. I have bachelor’s degree in arts. I live in Sugarland with my husband and two kids. My hobbies are gardening, reading books on Psychology, Neuroscience, and spirituality. My motto is ” We are what we eat” and ” We are what we think”.

Why I like being a Montessori teacher:

Every child learns in different ways and Montessori education accommodates all learning styles. Students are free to learn at their own pace. This method teaches how to be more responsible. Older children enjoy stature as mentors; young children feel supported and gain confidence about the challenges ahead. So, the whole environment becomes safer and more responsible.

My goal is to spread abundant kindness & happiness into the little children’s mind. I would like to bring out their best ability and become individual successful leaders.