Toddler Lead Teachers


Ms. Hina Fatima

My name is Hina Fatima. I have been working as an Early Childhood Educator for 4 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce as well as certification in Early Childhood educationI am also currently pursuing bachelor’s degree in Education. Some of my favorite things outside of teaching are reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling etc. 

I am excited this year to be part of the Petite Maison familyAt Petite, we teach and abide by the Montessori philosophy. We provide your children with a prepared environment to benefit their absorbent minds, as these early years are the most crucial years of a child’s life. Our Montessori classroom helps to create an environment where we guide individual child to purposeful activity based upon our observation of your child’s readiness and interests.

I love what I do! It is my passion to instill a love for learning in my students and the desire to become lifelong learners. I want to inspire them as they continue to inspire me every day. 

Thank you for entrusting us with your precious children. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist your child as they bloom to reach their full potential. I look forward to working with you and your child.

Ms. Maria De Jesus Perez

My story starts when I came to USA in 1996. I took ESL classes and got my GED at a center which had a Montessori School at that time. There was a program for mothers who wanted to get ESL and GED classes. I started working with young children 12 years ago. My first experience working with young children was after one of my daughter’s teachers asked me if I wanted to work in a school as an assistant. A trainer came one day to tell me that I could do more than helping or watching the children. That opened my eyes to many possibilities in the field of childcare. Over the years I have gained experience with infants as young as 3 months as well as toddlers. In 2012, I got my CDA Infant/Toddler certificate, and in June of 2019, I received the Associate Infant & Toddler Credential from Houston Montessori Center. I strongly believe that when a directress provides an environment that encourages the child to absorb and develop the necessary tools to navigate through life, wonderful things can occur in and around the child´s life.

Ms. Lourdes Castaneda

My Montessori journey began first as a parent back in Mexico. The first Montessori toddler class I observed in 1994 opened my eyes to the endless possibilities children could have if they were in the right environment.

Watching my daughter grow and develop in that environment, inspired me to learn as much as I could about the Montessori philosophy.

With the birth of my son I decided to become an Infant/ toddler teacher and lead my first class here in the USA.

Today my philosophy is to provide a loving, warm, and nurturing environment for my students. My goals are to provide activities that are age appropriate and developmentally appropriate. To encourage independence, self-confidence, and self-motivation in the child, as well as internal pride in their accomplishments.

My environment will be carefully designed to meet the needs of the young children. The materials will stimulate the child’s natural desire to learn and will allow the mind and body to work together in the process.

I enjoy Yoga, taking care of my plants, but mostly spending time with my family.

Ms. Kira Day

I am delighted and deeply honored to serve as a Montessori lead teacher, embarking on a fulfilling journey of fostering your child’s growth and development through the profound principles of the Montessori philosophy.

At Texas Tech University, my studies initially centered around Veterinary Medicine and Equine Science. However, destiny had a different path in store for me when I stumbled upon Petite Maison Montessori during a serendipitous spring break adventure. Stepping into this extraordinary institution, I was captivated by the harmonious blend of vision, purpose, and tranquility that enveloped the environment. In the presence of the remarkable children, I knew I had discovered something extraordinary – a holistic approach to education that nurtures individuality and fosters a lifelong love for learning.

Inspired by the grace and curiosity exuded by the children, I made a life-changing decision to immerse myself in the art of Montessori teaching and learning. This transformative experience led me to integrate Montessori principles into my teaching practices, recognizing its power to awaken a sense of wonder and ignite a thirst for knowledge in each young mind I encounter.

Outside the classroom, I find solace and joy in nature’s embrace. Whether I am fishing, camping, hiking, or tending to a blossoming garden, the great outdoors nourishes my spirit and adds depth to my connection with the world. On rainy days, creativity takes center stage as I immerse myself in crafting, reading, or allowing my artistic inclinations to flourish within the pages of my beloved sketchbooks.

Central to my teaching philosophy is the belief that an organized and nurturing environment lays the foundation for a child’s success. By seamlessly blending my artistic flair with an aptitude for organization, I have been able to cultivate an optimal learning space that nurtures each child’s unique potential.

As we embark on this shared journey of education, I eagerly look forward to being a dedicated guide for your children. Your trust in us as educators and caregivers is genuinely appreciated, and I am committed to creating a supportive and inspiring learning experience that empowers your child to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.