Parent Testimonials


Ankita mandhana

September 2022

Our daughter started in Toddler classroom at Petite Maison in the very first batch of the school back in Spring 2021. When we first took the tour of the facility, we were so impressed with the Montessori way of teaching, the inviting classroom environment, the self-correcting materials, the gentle way of teaching grace and courtesy that we immediately knew it would be the right fit for our family. Our daughter has now progressed into the Primary class. Soon after, our son started going to Petite as well and they both enjoy being there, learning at their own pace.

The staff and teachers have always been accommodating of our children’s’ needs and are willing to work with us to make any transitions. The school also occasionally conducts various interactive sessions and festivals to provide an opportunity to learn about the school environment and Montessori philosophy.

Our children come back home happy and content and that’s what matters the most to us!

Farah Mohammed

September 2022

I highly recommend Petite Madison Montessori. My daughter started here after she turned 2 years old in Mrs. Hina’s primary class. She started off with the half day/5 days a week program. I wanted to slowly get her into a routine without overwhelming her. She loved the school and her teacher!

Mrs. Hina was great about providing feedback on progress with my daughter. I started to see in my daughter an increase in confidence with social and educational skills. She has now transitioned to the primary toddler program. She continues to amaze us and her teachers with her “can do” attitude and willingness to learn and do her best.

The teachers are all great here and the environment built for all of the children is appropriate in easing anxiety and learning new things.

Myra Faruki

September 2022

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Petite Mason as an exemplary Montessori. My son has been attending there since he turned 2 years old. Initially, I was very nervous, as any parent would be, to transition a child to school life for the first time. But, Mrs. Hina from day one put me to ease. We were truly blessed to have her as my son’s very first teacher and it has been such a wonderful journey we’ve had with her. Mrs. Hina always maintained a very professional demeanor yet simultaneously became like part of our family. My son grew quickly attached to her and I truly saw him blossom. His speech and independent skills flourished while he worked with Mrs. Hina. She always did a phenomenal job in keeping me updated about his progress and advised on how we can continue his growth at home. The thought of him moving to the primary level would often bring me to tears because I know how well he was doing in Mrs. Hina’s class. But, that advancement was inevitable and of course necessary because everyone has to move on. Mrs. Hina went above and beyond to help my son transition to the next level without any distress. I can’t recommend Mrs. Hina enough. She is a gem and Petite Mason is very lucky to have such an amazing teacher. Overall I am very happy with the staff at Petite Mason and the overall environment. My son now has the privilege of having the talented and well experienced Mrs. Consuelo for his primary teacher. She has been wonderful and we look forward in working with her this year. My son loved going to school every morning and always tells me how much he enjoyed his time after school. Thank you to all the Petite Mason staff, we are happy to have our son’s first building block of education with your institution.

Jinal Shah

September 2022

We have been very happy with our kids going to Petite Maison. We have seen very positive and appreciable growth in our kids since they started at Petite Maison. All the teachers and staff very easy to approach and ready to help. We would highly recommend them.

Viraj G

May 2022

Our son started going to Petite Maison at the age of 16 months. He would cry each day while going to school and each day we were worried about him. Ms. Hina was his teacher for toddler class and was very accommodating. She helped us transition from purees to solid food and gave very personal care. She also gave us general advice in handling the different stages of development as he was growing. We used to get lots of photos each day reassuring us that he was doing well.

We saw him growing and being social too. Ms. Hina gave us frequent feedback and told us tricks for improvements.

We saw our son adding skills with different classes and music routines.

Now he speaks and talks about his school, Ms. Hina, Ms. Nilo, Ms. Omo and Ms. Niva are the regular names and he is always excited to go to school.

We interacted with entire staff and entire staff always helpful for all concerns. Always very quick to respond.

We are glad that we enrolled hin in Petite Maison!

Thank you!

Ashwin Ravikrishnamoorthy

May 2021

Well you have to believe if I say my kid loves the school more than home. Ivan had challenges with the transition as this was his first school experience. His teachers Ms. Priya and Ms. Ana worked personally to get adjusted to Montessori culture. Now I can see his communication improved great folds. His social skills improved plus loves the environment and teachers. Really happy with this organization.

Maria Hoang

May 2021

The staff is incredible and attentive to my child and all. My daughter completely loves and highly respects her teacher Ms. Gladis. She is a true mentor and wants to see my child succeed. We are very thankful for the staff in taking care of our daughter and providing her the excellent education she needs. I can’t say enough about how much the school takes pride in their professionalism and taking all Covid precautions to keep my daughter and everyone safe. In such a short amount of time I have seen my daughter excel in her communication and skill set.

Tumi Agboola – Fatinikun

May 2021

We love the welcoming and encouraging staff at Petite Maison. The level of quality detail put into the classroom environment is unmatched. The Administrative staff and teachers are all aligned to the same goal, which is providing excellent care and a nurturing environment for our kids.

Sand and Lisa Thomas

May 2021

We cannot express our great Petite Maison is. It feels like an extension of our family and we know that our most precious gift is well taken care of.

Anuj Patel

April 2021

Petite Maison Montessori is the type of place every parent would want their children to be. From an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful management/staff, to the super hero teachers who are loving and patient, and go above and beyond to nurture and guide the children for success in every way imaginable, the school is nothing short of amazing. A clean, safe, and inviting environment, you can tell immediately when walking through the doors, the amount of thought and vision that went into bringing this Montessori to life. I continue to be impressed at the skills and knowledge my son is acquiring each and everyday. Ms. Rozina and her team are superb in every way possible!

Ziyan Momin

January 2021

This place is a beautiful, clean, and peaceful environment for kids to learn and have fun!

Cavs Fan1


I’ve had a wonderful experience with the people setting up this school. The students I’ve watched grow up with them are always high acheivers.

I highly recommend enrolling your children here.

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