Ms. Namrata Soni

My journey with children started 14 years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a substitute teacher and later as an assistant teacher for special education children. When my family moved to Texas, I joined the Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School as an assistant teacher. Montessori teaching was relatively new to me but, within a short period of time, I started developing a love for the Montessori Method. I decided to pursue my certification and got my Early Childhood Credentials from the Houston Montessori Center in 2013. For past 7 years, I have been a Primary Lead Teacher at Casa Dei Bambini in Missouri City. My goal is to provide children with a prepared environment in which they can interact with hands-on material that helps them develop critical lifelong skills.My Montessori journey has been a delightful, satisfying experience.  I am excited to bring my several years of classroom experience to the next level as a Mentor teacher here at Petite Maison. I look forward to continuing my learning journey with my new colleagues, children, and their families.